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A photoshoot

What may you expect?
Awesome photographs ofcourse!

But what else? I consider every photoshoot to be a custom project. The preparation starts at home. Through the use of Pinterest and personal contact we will create a moodboard. This makes it easy to exchange ideas and ensures that everyone involved gets the same clear view of the desired outcome. When we have worked out the plan it is time to pick a time and place. On location it is all about teamwork. If you don't have any experience with posing, no problem! I will give you clear instructions and pointers and will regularly show you the photos. After the photoshoot it is up to me to post-process the photos and it is up to you to decide which and how you'd like to receive them, along with a small surprise!

  • Fully customized photoshoots

    All photoshoots are approached as custom projects, in accordance with your wishes and budget. Because of this you will get exactly what you are looking for and will never pay too much.

  • Collaboration

    In preparation to the photoshoot we will work out the idea, from location and clothing to poses and styling.

  • Fun

    Ofcourse the goal of the photoshoots is to create awesome photos that you'll love sharing with friends and family. However, I find it just as important to create a great experience during the photoshoot!

  • Print or digital

    After the photoshoot you may pick how you'd like to receive the photos. Naturally you'll receive the high resolution digital files, however it is also possible to order small and large prints, on different materials and sizes up to wall papers.


Contact me

Would you also like to do a photoshoot? Feel free to send me a message!