I am Jorik Boot, the face behind Booto.

Booto is more than a funny name that rhymes with photo, believe it or not.. This is because it is actually also the nickname that one of my brothers and I have for one another. I bet you can guess where the name came from 🙂

Personally I always like to know how someone got to the point they are now.

For me it is very simple…

After taking photos on and off for a few years (on automatic..) with absolutely no idea how to properly use a camera, I went on vacation to Romania.
Because this was the first time that I ever was on my own in a foreign country for a longer time it seemed like a good idea to buy a compact camera.

I’ll save you the details of the vacation, but I was taking loads of pictures and soon enough I found myself wondering why some photos I was taking were so much better than the others. And why in some cases the camera was not producing my desired result. That’s when I started experimenting! After a while I started realizing things like shutterspeed.. With results that anyone could expect!


After this vacation photography had my interest and I was taking pictures of pretty much anything and everything. The more and different things the better, so I happily continued my photography journey. 

At this time I also knew that my part-time job at the time was probably coming to an end. This is why I figured I would see if I could start a photography business, it seemed like a fun project to put into practice everything I was learning at my business studies.

I never realised how much time, effort and money would go into this project, but as they say: Ignorance is bliss!

One of the first issues I ran into was: How do you think of a company name that is not in use yet and is a bit more creative than ‘name + photography’. 


(Although someone else is already using the name Booto… it appears to be a South Korean bunny cartoon or something with quite a large following! *sigh*)

Ofcourse I was quite terrible when I started out, let’s be honest! But because I compare myself with the seasoned veterans and because I don’t want to sell a terrible product I made it my mission to find out what to specialize in and become as good as I possibly could in the least possible time! (ofcourse this is a process that never stops :))

Although I also love photographing cars and animals I eventually decided to specialize in portrait photography.

As for me there is not a big challenge in just taking a picture. Any monkey with a phone can do so nowadays. I find the challenge in posing a person in a way that will create the most pleasing picture with a specific mood and to evoke a certain feeling.

This takes a lot more work, for example to have a very good understanding of how light works and how to use light to make someone look him or her best. How light creates certain moods and effects and how colors create certain moods and evoke certain feelings. You need to know how to direct a model to achieve certain poses and expressions and need a very good understanding of programs like photoshop and lightroom to receive the desires results. Because let’s be honest, who wants to be reminded of that red face you got from eating that pepper at christmas dinner?!

That’s why I decided to specialize in portrait photography!

As you might have read on the homepage, I’d love to create what ever idea you might be walking around with.
So if there is any kind of picture you would love to create, I’d love to help you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you’d love to do a photoshoot with me;
Please feel free to send me a message through the contact form on the homepage or send me an email at info@booto.nl